Funny Mens Dance Shirt with Nigel Lythgoe Quote

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Funny Mens Dance Shirt with Nigel Lythgoe quote

Nigel Lythgoe, the producer of "So You Think You Can Dance" is to thank for the clever quote on this funny Mens dance shirt!  He said, 

"Real Men Don't Lift Weights, They Lift Women!"

 There are a lot of mens dance shirts, but this one is a truly FUNNY mens dance shirt! It is embellished with an embroidered silhouette of a male dancer liftig a female dancer over his head in the classic "lift" made famous in the movie "Dirty dancing." And embroidered around the silhouette is the quote by Nigel Lythgoe that says, "Real Men don't lift weights, they lift women!" This shirt is the perfect addition to any mens dance wardrobe.

Whether you are a male dancer, or are raising a young male dancer who you want to be proud of his skill, this dance shirt is a perfect gift. Or, if you just want to get the message out that mens dance takes skill and strength, its the perfect dance shirt for you!!!


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