Dance Dad Shirt - She gets her moves from me!

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 Dance Dad Shirt - She Gets Her Moves From Me! 

There you are...standing there watching your little girl dance!

It seems like yesterday that she toddled in baby shoes, and now she is floating in ballet slippers!  She's so beautiful, and you are SO PROUD!!!!

But as you watch her up there on stage, your mind goes back to when YOU were "Stayin' Alive" with the BeeGees?

You remember when you, yourself tore up the dance floor with your dance moves. You were GREAT!!!!

Yes!!! There is NO DOUBT that your little girl gets her talent from you! No doubt at all! (If only your wife could see it that way!)

If you want everyone to know how proud you are of your little girl, (and the dancing talent she no doubt inherited from you,)

then this is the Dance Dad shirt for you!!!!


(And as with all Dance Mom's Embroidered products, the back of the embroidery is covered with a protective layer, so that your skin is never irritated by the stitching! 

 Usually this is only done on items for babies, but at Dance Mom's Dance Wear, we protect everyone...even the big, burly men!)



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